Virtutel Branding

Client:  Virtutel - Voice and Data Project: Virtutel came to us with a growing product and a desire for stronger customer reach.

Yoga Therapists Branding

Client:  Australasian Association of Yoga Therapists Project: Australasian Association of Yoga Therapists needed a refreshed image for their revitalised organisation.

Traditional Medicine Brand

Client: Alison Pickering - Acupuncture Project: Alison approached Tapestry Creative to develop a big brand for her unique and specialised service.

Circle Wellness

Client: Circle Wellness Clinic Project: Circle Wellness came to us with a mission to become a recognised and respected clinic on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, offering a unique blend of psychology and body well being services.

Brand for Change

Client: The Change Merchants Project:  The Change Merchants came to us with a particularly interesting proposition: to create a visual identity that best represented their spin on Behavioural Economics.

Pathways Branding

Client: Pathways International Consulting Project: Pathways International Consulting work with Independent Schools in Australia, creating pathways to a better future with best practice consultancy founded on extensive knowledge and experience.