Getting to the heart

How your brand message can connect

The modern world has us plugged into any information we need with such minimal effort, so it is no wonder that businesses can struggle to gain attention in such a noisy place. There are, of course, a large number of strategies you can use to help your message into the right place at the right time, but how do you make it cut through the seemingly endless storm of offers, product, information, news and viral media.

The best answer is to concentrate on quality.

Your attention should be placed squarely on the quality, uniqueness and authenticity of your message. Combine that with a defined focus on who your trying to talk to and your on the right track. (By the way, the answer to “who” is not “everyone”).

There’s a tendency for anyone selling a product or service, especially in the business world, to present everything with a good degree of logic and reason, as if they are the biggest forces in buying behaviour and decision-making. But, actually, increasingly, (and generally) humans are emotional beings, looking to feel something more real, more secure, more connected and more aspirational. We want our world (if not the entire world) to be a better place and we are drawn to objects, products and services that help us to feel we are one step closer to that.

So, your brand message needs to make people laugh, or cry or peer in awe and share. The head will indeed follow the heart and whatever you can do to connect on a level that requires less thought, the better!

Here’s three things your brand should consider

1. Know who you are talking to. 

Know as much as you can about who you are trying to reach. If you create a solid idea of your ideal customer, the one person your business cannot do without, you are on your way to finding them and communicating effectively with them. Don’t be afraid to converse and change your approach.

2. Show some respect. 

Present your product or service in a way that is respectful of their emotions. (Frankly, it should be taken for granted that their time and money is too important for you, so automatically you should respect that, and in turn offer them something that is worthy.) Where your customer’s heart is concerned, be honest, be authentic and deliver on your promise. Be brave and beautiful, craft your promise with detail and precision. Let your audience know you respect their opinion through the quality and delivery of your promise.

3. Don’t forget them.

Be connected. Successful brands don’t make one-off appearances, they follow-up, they update, they continue the conversation, take feedback, offer ideas and take pride and care in the world they inhabit.

So get to the heart, go for the real reason you have something to offer. To make people’s lives better. Show your customer you are authentic about this, and you will, more often then not, succeed.