Create the tools to grow

Authentic branding can build your business


Our Big Brands service at Tapestry Creative is all about helping business to create the tools to grow.

I heard Marshall McLuhan quoted recently (the philosopher of communication theory who termed the phrase ‘global village’ in 1964)

He said: “First we build the tools, then the tools build us”

Interestingly, I think we are now entering an age where we are designed by what we have designed. We act, we adapt, we move and we are challenged and affected by the tools that we have placed in our present and future.

So, what tools can you build that will then build you? What pieces of your enterprise can you make so aspirational, so big, so grand and clever, so insightful and accessible, that they take to rebuilding your business?

There may be many. In fact just thinking of your business with that list of adjectives may indeed inspire change in how you work and what you offer. But here’s an idea: what about the place where your business ideals are captured? the place that sings your story, that meets your customer and says so much about what you can and will deliver, that makes your promise… your brand. Brands are your emotional connecter, they are what your customer says you are, and your visual identity is the shape it takes, the idea intrinsic to that vision is the rock you stand on.

So, does it work? Does it sing your song? Does it thump in your chest enough that your customers can hear it? Does it spill out into everything you produce? Does everything you create sit squarely on that big idea foundation? Because when it does, when your visual identity is the authentic shape of your authentic promise, it will help to shape what you do, who you are and what you offer. It will guide your future direction and all the decisions you make. So build it strong, with the future in mind and mostly, with authenticity.

Let it be true.

That truth, that rock, that visual idea, that tagline, that colour, that way you do what you do: when that is working for you, your business will be designed by it.

I think it’s worth getting that right.