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Brilliantly crafted brands

Your brand is your promise.
It’s as simple and as complicated as that. Your promise will differentiate you and personify you,
it will help to build your reputation and empower your growth.
It’s not magic.
It’s considered and deliberate. It’s meaningful and purpose built. It’s actionable and measurable.
It should be crafted to engage and connect.
Are you ready to make a promise worth keeping?

We’re a graphic design and branding studio building brilliantly crafted promises.
Let’s get started!

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Crafty connection

Successful branding concentrates entirely on how your product connects with your target audience.
To understand that connection, we must first understand who that audience is.
The first step in any successful branding process is the construction of your ideal customer profile.
A definitive guide in ensuring we create a brand promise that talks to the right person.
The one that needs what you offer, loves what you offer and advocates what you offer.

Following this is a tried and tested process, creating the complete brand architecture
from its values and essence to its design and application.

This is a detailed and precise procedure that blends all the key components into a consistent and uniform whole.

A brand with a strong, authentic promise.

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A tailored focus

making your mark for a better tomorrow - Tapestry Creative - Pathways International Consultants

Branding & marketing
for schools

Making your mark is our special branding and marketing program crafted especially for independent schools with Australia’s pre-eminent education consultancy Pathways International Consulting.


Design & branding
crafted for corporates

We work with global corporations creating branded corporate literature that ranges from event marketing through to annual reports. We follow strict procedures to ensure quality, timeliness and compliance.

big brand for new business - branding for startups

Big brands
for new business

Big brands is our small business package for the entrepreneur, budding startup or next big thing. Building a brand with an authentic promise can help you stay focused, reach your launch goal and promote with passion.

Your brand promise is conveyed through authentically crafted actions, voice and design